Christmas Revels 2019 The Ghosts of Haddon Hall A Celebration of the Winter Solstice

“The Revels is the best Christmas celebration in the known universe.  I’ve never been so moved by any performance as by the Revels every single year.  I feel privileged to be a part of it.” – A Portland Revels Patron


Thank you all for a magical 2019! 


Portland Revels  “Christmas Revels, The Ghosts of Haddon Hall, An English Country Celebration of the Winter Solstice”  performances will be at the beautiful Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland!

It’s our 25th year, and ghosts will return to haunt the stage during Portland’s annual Christmas Revels performance as we inhabit Haddon Hall, the setting for the original Christmas Revels! This year’s performance transports us back to an imaginary day when the Duke, his wife and his children enter the castle after two centuries of presumed emptiness, expecting to demolish it, only to find it inhabited by the spirits of all those who have ever celebrated the winter solstice within its walls.

The real Haddon Hall was derelict for roughly 200 years, enough time for ghosts to gather in the crumbling remains, until the Duke of Rutland began a renovation between WWI and WWII. What prompted him to do so is the speculation that inspired the original Haddon Hall show, written by Oregonian Grey Eubank who believed the ghosts of the Hall persuaded the Duke to do so.

Old and new combine for a fresh take on the ghosts and their efforts and encounters with the living. Sprites cavort to celebrate the seasons; mummers recall the cycles of the year in the death and revival of a hero; Morris dancers leap right out of the middle ages to keep time with their flying sticks and richly ringing bells; fools gambol in physical comedy; and ancient figures (the “folk fool,” the “man-woman,” the “hobby horse” and the “archer”) step to the mysterious Abbots Bromley Horn Dance (still performed in the English village of Abbots Bromley).  All in service of convincing the Duke and his family to stay his hand and keep the Hall.

Portland Revel’s original fool, Burl Ross will be joined by other talented actors including two child alumni from our children’s chorus.  Gail and Phil Neuman, masters of early music, will join our regular musicians and the talented volunteer chorus to present a wide-ranging feast of music primarily from the late medieval through Renaissance eras, the same periods that inspired the original Christmas Revels.

And of course, there will be opportunities for our audience to get involved!  A Lord/Lady of Misrule will once again grace the stage, and the 12 Days of Christmas will be enacted with typical Revels frivolity.

In a clever, timeless and beautifully balanced way, the ancient is interwoven with a relevant contemporary context: Can we open the door to the future while holding on to what’s important to us from the past?


Performance Schedule

Friday, December 13th ~ 7:30pm

Senior Discount Night- 10% off  tickets for age 65 and over

Saturday, December 14th ~ 1:00pm 
Sunday, December 15th ~ 1:00pm 

Family Day- Special  Discount for Children’s tickets 

Thursday, December 19th ~ 7:30pm  (ASL interpreters provided at this performance.)

Deaf Friendly- Special seating for American Sign Language (ASL)

Friday, December 20th ~  7:30pm
Saturday, December 21st ~  1:00pm & 7:30pm
Sunday, December 22nd ~  1:00pm


Newmark Theatre 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, Box Office (503)248-4910 til 2pm on weekdays

Early Bird Tickets available September 15th for Donors of $125 or more!