The 2020 Christmas Revels

Hosted Broadcasts: December 21st, 2pm; December 18th & 24th, 7:30pm

Every year, the Portland Revels brings back the light in a different time and place, exploring traditional song, dance, and storytelling to take audiences on a magical journey through the darkest night of the year. 

In 2020, the darkest shadows invite the brightest lights. The 2020 Christmas Revels are transforming through adversity to bring you a show like we have never made before. The beauty, mystery, and magic of the Revels are coming directly to you, made possible by a group of performers and creators who are dedicated to proving that, even at the darkest of the darkest hours, the light will return.

The 2020 Christmas Revels will feature choral numbers that take us back to previous solstice celebrations, with new renditions of Dona Nobis Pacem and The Sussex Mummers Carol. There will be Revels children dancing and singing, along with a magical reworking of children’s visual creations. Audience favorite Ithica Tell is narrating a story with an unfolding visual by puppeteer Summer Olsson, and Revels favorite fiddler Betsy Branch is bringing new band-sets with old friends. There’ll be an Abbots Bromley horn dance, presented as you’ve never seen it, and our favorite clown, Burl Ross, is on his own quest to find the light.

This year, help us illuminate the darkness with the beauty of a community united by story and song. Sing with us, dance with us, and remember— no darkness is forever.