Early Bird Ticket Sales

As a thank you, all donors of $100 and up since October 3rd, 2022 will be given rolling access to purchase tickets to both The Midwinter Revels: Emerald Odyssey and Children’s Revels: The Emerald Dragon before they go on general sale on October 16th.

Those eligible for Early Bird Sales will be contacted via email on the day they gain access, with instructions about how to purchase their tickets. In addition to having early access for selecting your seats, Early Bird ticket buyers will enjoy a 15% discount on tickets to Opening Night and 10% off all other performances!

Donor of:           Gain access on:
1000+                  Oct 2nd
750+                    Oct 5th
500+                    Oct 8th
250+                    Oct 11th
100+                    Oct 14th

Not eligible?  Make a gift today to Portland Revels and become a part of the Early Bird ticket sales!