Music, singing, and storytelling lie at the heart of each of our programs, all of which aim to build community and connection between our performers and our audiences.

Midwinter Revels: Our flagship production, celebrating the winter solstice and the return of the light at the darkest time of year.  Each season the production is set in a different place and time, allowing us to explore different cultures and music traditions, while grounding the show in our familiar rituals and themes.

Spring Revels: Our newest program, Spring Revels is an opportunity to partner with local artists and playwrights to develop stories of community from a variety of different perspectives.  The productions intertwine these narratives with community singing, offering a different kind of show that remains, at its core, a Revels creation.  Spring Revels productions spend one weekend in a traditional theatre space, then tour to community locations throughout the Metro area.

Children’s Revels: Children’s Revels are our productions, presented soon after the Midwinter Revels, that are developed specifically for children 2-7.  With robust audience participation and extra magic, Children’s Revels aims to provide families with an exciting performing arts experience, hopefully inspiring a lifelong love of the arts and building the audiences of tomorrow.

Pub Sings: To mark the passing of the seasons, (and to celebrate Scottish poet Robert Burns) Portland Revels holds three pub sings a year – Bobbie Burns Night in January, a Spring Sing in April or May, and a fall sing in September.  These are casual affairs where our community gathers together at a pub or similar establishment to eat, drink, and sing together.