“Portland Revels celebrates the seasons through song, dance, story and ritual of the past and present, creating community across generations and cultures.”

We are thrilled to see live theater returning to a few Portland stages, and we are grateful for the vaccines and masks that are making it possible. However, given the large and multi-generational cast of a Christmas Revels, and with breakthrough cases happening regularly, we do not see a way forward that will ensure everyone involved can stay healthy through the rehearsal and performance process.

For the safety of our cast and community, we have decided that Portland Revels will not be presenting a live Christmas Revels in December 2021.  

We will still present a Christmas Revels in virtual format. We have been filming for several weeks now, and the chorus is currently in rehearsals preparing to film their pieces.  We hope you plan to join us for our all-new Christmas Revels streaming direct to your living room this December. 

Your donation in any amount will give you access to the 2021 Virtual Christmas Revels.  Watch any one of our three live-stream performances with guest hosts or view it on your own schedule.  

Live-Stream Performance Dates
December 17 at 7:30 PM

December 19 at 2:00 PM
December 21 at 7:30 PM

Unlimited Access:
December 22-January 10

Together, we will continue to bring back the light in whatever way we can, safely, until we can gather in person once again.


View Raina and the 12 Brothers

Enjoy our film, “Raina and the Twelve Brothers,” featuring Brother February.


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