Noelle Simone

Noelle Simone has been performing for over twenty years and an arts manager for five. They have received all their dance training at the Joel Hall Dancers & Center, Northside Dance Theatre, and Gus Giordano Jazz Dance School. They have worked with multiple dance companies and youth dance companies throughout the Chicago land area and love teaching. They have performed with Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul and have started a promising career in theatre, dance, and arts prison reform/rehabilitation. After receiving their B.FA. In Theatre Arts, with a concentration in Theatre Management and a Minor in Educational Studies from the Theatre School at Depaul University, Noelle has worked for youth advocates and arts prison reform orgs, such as Storycatchers Theatre, the Outside-In program at Depaul University, and Open Hearts open Minds here in Oregon. They have also taught theatre, dance, and youth-centered body positivity classes in juvenile detention centers across Chicago. They are currently working on revamping their solo show titled, Heavy is the head that wears the crown: The Mental Health Memoirs of a Black woman, set to hit the Portland Center Stage black box the last week in June of 2022.  They are also an adjunct faculty member at Port State university, teaching HipHop History and dance every Fall/winter/and spring and teaching community dance classes across PDX.  They have genuinely enjoyed their time with the Portland Reveals and hope to curate more beautiful work with them soon! In love and light.