Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado

Yasmin (she/her) is a Portland-based director, writer, consultant and arts advocate. Yasmin is currently working at Centro Cultural as the Arts & Culture Manager. Previously, Yasmin has worked with AGE in the Arts as the Grants Program Director, and has worked with numerous theatres and nonprofits as an artist and contractor. Yasmin has been an assistant director at Artist Repertory Theatre and Bag&Baggage Productions. Yasmin is also an active writer in the community. Two of her monologues, Carmelita and Ruega Por Mi, were featured in Theatre Diaspora’s Here on This Bridge: The -ism Project, and was commissioned by the Portland Revels for their 2022 Spring production, Un Pajarito Canta. She is also honored to be a co-founding member of Moriviví Theatre.