Community Chorus


A place where generations gather for the simple joy of singing traditional songs together! 

Come sing with The Portland Revels Community Chorus!  This non-audition chorus is open to ages 7 and up.  Join individually or join as a family!


“Singing together is an ancient form of community and connection. Joining our voice with others creates a visceral experience of being a part of something greater, rather than being apart from others. Singing unites us in the face of cultural, social, and economic forces that divide us. Both research and personal experience have taught me that unaccompanied song raises the confidence of singers and contributes to their physical and emotional well-being. 

In our singing sessions, we will focus on four different goals:

  1. Learn skills for improving vocal technique and tone
  2. Learn skills for teaching the songs we love to others
  3. Learn a handful of pieces to perform as part of our May Day community celebration
  4. Enjoy one another’s company and have fun!

My hope is that our choral journey this spring builds our confidence, our singing skills, and the connections within our Portland Revels community. I look forward to working with you!” – Mark Douglass, Portland Revels Community Chorus Director

Chorus members are not required to read music or to dance.

Cost is:

  • $50 per person for the term
  • $100 per family for the term
    •  Whatever family means to you. Max 6 (exceptions may be made on request)
    • Children ages 7 and up are welcome, as long as they can make it through a 2 hour rehearsal. We trust you to know if your kids can handle it 🙂

If you want to participate but finances are an issue, please reach out! Money should never stop anyone from singing.

Please contact the Portland Revels office at or call us at (503)274-4654 if you have questions,  or if you need to request a payment plan or scholarship.